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Thread: How to make up the loss??

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    How to make up the loss??

    Welcome I lost first game in Cup 0-4 away. Now i play my match at home is it possible to win? my team is better his tactic is 4-3W-1-2 What tactic should i use and more important How to set tactic inside?
    attitude.. etc..?


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    if ur defenders are stronger then his ST and wingers then 3N-1-3N-1-2 attacking, pree hole pitch, mix pass , zonal marking and the most important u will need so much luck and u have to hope that the game engine will let u win with 5-0

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    3N-1-3N-1-3 is an illegal formation since it has no wingers. It will only give you 20% possesion.

    Against 4-3W-1-2 I would play 4-1-2N-1-2. Red arrows on both full backs. Optional red arrows on DMC and AMC, but against that system I would not set them (AMC is uncovered, he has an AMC that should be covered by you).
    Tactical setup: attacking mentality, passing through the center, short passing, zonal marking, own half pressing, normal tackling.

    Turning around a 0-4 loss is not easy, so good luck.

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