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Thread: Whats about this formation?

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    Question Whats about this formation?

    Well, its league match coming soon. I created a formation and I really dont know, is it good or its not. So, i would like you would tell me your opionion: maybe something to change, or the arrows, i dont know, just tell me ))

    Here is my tactics and formation:
    Whats about this formation?-mano1.jpg

    Here is my oponent formation:
    Whats about this formation?-enemy.jpg

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    Although there is no DMC with the 4-3-2-1 it is still a very effective attacking formation to counter the Diamond with, mainly because of the strong middle as well as having attacking flanks.
    If during the match you feel the AMC is taking advantage, then a simple (DOWN) arrow would be placed on the middle MC which in turn effectively would be turning this formation into a 4-5-1 V Style.