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Thread: What is the counter of my formation 3-1-2-2-2 ?

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    What is the counter of my formation 3-1-2-2-2 ?


    Actually I'm having pretty good results for my 1st season (0 defeats in league, and semi-final in cup atm) because my team is way better the other i have faced (my main players are all 4 stars)
    I have a very offensive formation because I always have the possession and I score many goals.


    However, i feel I'm taking too many goals against some very low team so I'm wondering what are the formations that counter mine and how can I make some changes if I have to face a counter ?

    I have the possibility to have 3 mc instead of 2 mc and 1 dmc, my amr and aml can be played as mr and ml, but i don't have a dr and an amc. Also, I put blue arrows on my dc and the rest of the team is with red arrows.
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