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Thread: How to beat 3-3-3-1?

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    How to beat 3-3-3-1?

    Hey guys i really have a big problem.
    I am trying to win the league and now i have a really big problem.

    Im in level 4,and my team quality is 36,2.

    My opponent plays like this :

    -- DC - DC - DC --
    DMR --DMC-- DMR
    -- MC - MC - MC --
    ------ ST ------

    And Quality 26,8

    He is very defensive but i think he plays with counter attack on in the settings.

    All of my players have 35 Quality and more.

    I played 1-1 against him with a 4-3-3 formation, so i dont know what to do.

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    i would choose 4 - 2N - 2W(amr, aml) - 2(Striker). or 4-4-2 classic. Attack mentality if i play at home or def if i play away. wide play style, whole pitch pressing normal tacklin long pass and man to man style if i have better defenders otherwise zonal marking while enabled counter attack and offised traps