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Thread: How to beat 4-3N-1-2?

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    How to beat 4-3N-1-2?

    How to beat 4-3N-1-2? My team is better about 6Q points, but i lost away game 0-1 in CL s-f first leg. I used 4-4-2 with both DC arrows down, and both MW arrows up. Down both flanks, mix passes. With normal mentality in first half my team made only 2 shots (0 on target). In second half i made attacking mentality, shots 5(3), so no big difference. His stats also wasn't in the sky 10(3). Also the problem is, that i don't have any of AM or DM, which may help. Any suggestions or order changes?

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    I would use 4-1-3N-1-1. My favourite formation right now.