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Thread: What would you recomend?

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    What would you recomend?

    What formation shoul I use against this:

    What would you recomend?-s.jpg

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simas Trepočka View Post
    What formation shoul I use against this:

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    4-1-2-1-2 Narrow diamond should work against this. Or even better will be 4-1-2N-0-3. The 3 ST will ruin his single DC. DL and DRBwill take his attacking ML and MR. DMC will take his AMC. Ur 2 DCs will take his 2STs. U will also have 2MCs opposed to his 1.
    Go attacking, through the middle, long passing, hard tackling, zonal marking, press own half, no counter or offside.
    All the best and post the result.

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