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Thread: Suggestions against 4-4-2

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    Suggestions against 4-4-2

    How to win against this formation:
    GK-DL-DC-DR-ML-MC-MC-MR-ST-ST - 4-4-2
    I lose first match 3-1 away.
    I want a tactic to win at home.
    What tactic i use to win ?

    Here is my team

    Suggestions against 4-4-2-my-team.jpg Suggestions against 4-4-2-orders.jpg

    My opponent team

    Suggestions against 4-4-2-opponent-team.jpg

    I NEED HELP !!!

    P.S Sorry for my bad english

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    To be honest I think your tactics let you down in this one as your team is strong enough and the formation gives you an advantage. However If he's getting too many chances an option would be to put a DM in instead of a CM.

    Regarding tactics,

    Mentality: Normal
    Passing: through middle
    Pressing: own half
    Tackling: hard
    Passing style: short
    Marking: zonal
    Force counter
    No offside

    My worry is that he is strong on flanks (Def & Att) and with your formation with no wide DR/L's you would need your MR/L's to cover and track back. That doesnt mean putting blue arrows on them but you dont want them stuck up the field (red arrows) and not helping defend at all so leave them with no arrows and attack through middle.

    A 4-4-2 is best countered through the middle and usually with a diamond 4-1-2N-1-2 but since your extra defender is weak and you'll need a over-weighted attack anyway to push for the win.

    Good luck!

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    Try this one, I always won if i play againts 4-4-2

    Passing both Flanks
    Normal tackling
    Short passing
    Zone cover
    Force opponent to counter No
    Play offside trap No