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Thread: I don't understand : When to choose long, short or mixed passing ?

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    Exclamation I don't understand : When to choose long, short or mixed passing ?

    Hello everybody !

    I hope you have spent a happy Christmas.

    Here is the object of my discussion : When to choose long passing, short passing or mixed passing ?

    It depends from formation, OR it depends from mentality ?
    Some members say to use this one or the other one, according the formation that you use. For example : To use long passing for 4-4-2, and to use short passing for 4-1-2-1-2.
    Others members say that it depends from the mentality. For example : To use short passing if you play with attacking or ultra attacking mentality, long passing if you play with defensive or ultra defensive mentality, and mixed passing if you play with normal mentality. A few members also say that it would be good to play with mixed passing with defensive or attacking mentality.

    What are your opinions about this thematic ? What do you experiment ??

    I wish you my best greetings for 2014, and I wish you much success with your team.

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    In theory:
    Short passing should increase possession and reduce number of shots
    Long passing should result in lower possession and shots off of counterattacks.ality.
    Mixed would be normal ment

    In actuality, I've never noticed any difference whatsoever using short passing. I've succesfully used long passing against teams stacked at midfield - I use a 3-6-1 V (e.g. 3n-1-2n-3w-1) - resulting in more shot opportunities. (Anecdotal evidence, of course - I haven't done any scientific studies)
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