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Thread: How to beat 4-3-3.

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    Lightbulb How to beat 4-3-3.

    Hey! Maybe there's this same post but I'm new. Sorry

    Tommorow I have really important match with man, who is first at league.
    We will play at his court. He have this same overral of team with me.
    His formation is: How to beat 4-3-3.-97479289240410454207.jpg

    I must beat him, but I don't know what kind of formation choose.
    There's my squad: How to beat 4-3-3.-tactyca.jpg
    I will buy inexpensive defender.

    Sorry and Thanks in advance.

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    I used 4-1-4-1, that was the counter, and also my standard formation.
    But this season, i lost to a guy i beat 2 time last season, and he had the same players, now 4*, i had 3-4 transfers, and some players made 5*.
    Not only that i lost, but he had more shots, more shots on goal, etc...
    Maybe it was a troll result, but it looked very bad, as a counter.
    Level 1 - League 3rd place (started late, in the season)
    Level 2 - League 2nd place, CL 2nd place (both due to troll results)
    Level 3 - League 1st place, CL 1st place, Cup (lev 6) 3rd place
    Level 4 - League 1st place, CL 1st place

    Bought 28 Tokens, referrals 32 Tokens, won 3 Tokens.

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    4-1-4-1 , but defensive and play on both flanks ...

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    my next game against one of the leaders of our table, he`d play 4-3N-3. If i use 4-1-4-1, my wings have to be aml/amr or just ml/mr? thank you