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Thread: could i win with heavy score ??

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    could i win with heavy score ??

    To all of the professionals here on the forum
    Tomorrow i will have an easy match against a weak oponent
    We are on level 1 but my rating is 20 and his rating is 11.
    I am on ranking 1 and he is the 14
    He is playieng on his home and his tactic is 3-4-3

    My question is how can i beat this 3-4-3 flat formation ?
    I need to win minimum 4 or 5 goals
    Plz help me urgently with the counter formation and orders
    Thank u very much for help and quick support

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    Winning big in topeleven is such a thing. But I would go with 4-4-2 and attacking mentlity short passing, focus passing down both wings, normal tackling, pressing own half, no offside, no counter. Or with 4-3-2W-1, red arrows on AMR, AML, DR and DL. Setup like for the 4-4-2 above. Good luck.

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