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Thread: Cup final against over powered 442 classic

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    Cup final against over powered 442 classic

    What the formation should play with against it 451 flat or 4141 or what

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    use 4 1 2 1 2 narrow diamond or 4 4 2 clasic

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    I always play 4-1-4-1 reds n ML/MR, and if the statistics are bad, i change it to 4-5-1 V by advancng the ML/MR to AML/AMR.
    Is he is stonger/equal, is start the match defending/hard defending, and change the tactic to attacking if they score, or if they get 10 shots to my 3(just an example).
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    Just played final against 4-4-2. After reserching for formation I find 2 choices:

    First: 3-5-2 flat, blue on ML/MR, mixed, defesive, own half, counterattack on.

    second 3-2w-2n-1-2:


    blue on DML/DMR, mixed, own half, counterattack on.

    I playd half final also agains 4-4-2. won the first leg 1-0 using 3-5-2 flat. in the second game I use 3-2w-2n-1-2 normal mentaly in the first half and changed to 3-5-2 flat, defesive. I score 1 gol in each half. ended with 2-0.

    In the final I use only 3-2w-2n-1-2 normal mentaly. He scored the first ont ant I scored 4 goles in the beginign of the scond half. Then I changed to defensive to keep the score. Good luck

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    If my starting XI is stronger I tend to prefer 4-5-1 using AML/R.

    For stronger opponents a flat 4-5-1 or a 3-5-2