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Thread: Need formation feedback (against weird formation)

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    Need formation feedback (against weird formation)

    Hey guys,

    I'm playing top eleven since 9 januari now and I'm since yesterday on this forum. Everything went okay so far, I'm 3rd in my competition now and still in the race for CL and the cup.
    Today I had a competition match and since I had a cup match 3 hours later, I decided to put up a B Team. But still, on avarage my players were better than my opponents. He played this formation:

    . GK
    DL DC o DC DR
    o o DMC o o
    ML o MC o MR
    o AMC o o o
    . o o ST

    I assumed he had red arrows on his AMC which made it 4-1-3-2. I tried to counter it with a team without my best players (but on paper still better than his) in this formation:

    . GK
    . DL o DC o DR
    . o o DMC o o
    ML MC o MC MR
    . o o AMC o o
    . o ST o

    I had red arrows on ML MR and AMC since they have good attacking skills and on one MC I had blue arrows (the one on the side of the AMC of my opponent.

    If I remind it right I had this settings: Attacking mentality, short passing, mixed passing (left and right flanks and through middle) pressing own half, normal tackling, and zonal marking. No counter trap or countering. But since the match wasn't going well, I changed it during the match

    I played home (4%), watched the match (8%) and two friends were watching me (4%), totall ball possesion bonus of 15%.

    I lost 0 - 2 (see stats). It was my first lost game since I play (except for friendlies), but it happend a few times that I played even, my players were better than my opponents in this games and I try to counter formations (I looked at the formation guides on this site and when I doubt how to play I use them). Condition and morale are always 75+ before a match.

    In cup matches and CL matches my prestations are way better than in the competition, but I always play with a decent team which, on paper, can own my opponent, but in competition I win with small numbers or play even against weaker teams.

    So I wonder, what do I do wrong? Here are the stats of the match and my squad. Do you have some advice in general or specific for this squad or other usefull things?

    Thanks in advance!Need formation feedback (against weird formation)-screenshot_2014-01-25-21-39-33.jpgNeed formation feedback (against weird formation)-team.jpg
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