I need some help for my next Cup Game. I am playing against a team of similar strength in the quarter finals. (His best 11= 59,9 - my best 11 is 61.6). He uses a a 4-5-1 V formation and i need to counter him and i don`t have an AMC for a 4-3-1-2 formation.

My problem is, that his players are very strangly skilled. His four defenders and his DMC have more or less all their skill points in defense and the offensiv players are skilled only in the attacking skills. It is so extrem, that some of them are 8-10 Star Player in their "skill-set".

In the first leg i had my home Game and his two 6 Star MC PLayers where out because of red cards. The result was a 1:1 draw. I had more than 60% possesion but he also had a lot of chances to score. Most of the time it was one of the plays, where one of his attackers dribbles alone through my complet defense and a lot of free kicks.

Now i need a way to beat him in the second leg and it is my away game. He also changed the kick off time. So i think he will watch it and his players will be in top shape.

How can i beat this strange skilled team? Should i play it defensiv and hope i won`t score and i can net some counter or shoul i go for the offense because i will have his one on one chance anyway? I can play a 4-4-2, 4-2-2-2 Hex, 4-1-4-1. 4-5-1 V without losing any team strenght. I really need some help with this.