Hello Guys.
I saw many posts here in this forum. I could learn something.
But when I am facing a real life budy of mine, who has 2 teams in my league, I get some problems.

My team is very superior. VERY.
But he is winning and the season is about to end. I faced his 2 teams, 3 times and I won 1 and lost 2.

He plays with Wide Diamond (4-1-2W-1-2). If the game goes bad for him he change his AMC for one MC and that change really goes good for him.

My first time with him I put 4-4-2 agaist his Wide Diamond and lost at my home, with his better team.
My second, against his second team, I lost 1-0. I did Wide Diamond and him too.
In the third game, agaist the leader of the league, I won 8-1 using 3-1-5-1, pressuring hole pitch, adefensive, counter attack, mixed pass, and mixed focus.

But when I set friendlies with him (he offline) I only won when he is using Wide diamon. When he put that god Damn MC the games ends draw...

Tomorrow I have a match...
Please, what I need to do. I have a good team., I have options to change during the match.
What I need to do, if he change? What tactic to use in the beggining? and what orders?
Thank you all.