Hello all, I am in level 7(avr.skill=47.9) and reach final cup to face level 8(avr.skill=54.2)
My team and his team play the same flat 4-4-2 .As I see his start 11 have all 6 stars.
I compared position to position (RB face LM, LF face right CB, etc.)and found that my all my own player have less stats than his player(That's why I type 'Strong').Some of my players(only 3 I think) have nearly match his stats.

I won't change my formation because I think changing likely to get worse

Any chance to beat him? Has anyone can beat this type of match?

I used to beat this type of match in final but in CL(same level as mine) and differrent formation.

I know I gonna lose this match badly.I have won CL, cup and league each, once, but want this cup again to know that what I won are not a fluke.(I think I am very lucky to won all of them)
Sad that my farewell to this game ends.