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Thread: Fighting 3N-1-4-2

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    Fighting 3N-1-4-2

    Again im facing my strongest rival. Ill be able to win the league by 1 point with him, but im facing him tonight in a CL final aswell.
    We have both strong teams, so its all about the tactics. Our matches are 1-1 right now. First game in league he was playin 3N-5-2 Flat and i bet him with butterfly 3-0, going normal with both flanks and counter attack. Than he switched coupple of times to find his best formation, and he stopped at 3N-1-4-2. Demn he bet me hard this time 3-1. I tried to use 4-5-1 V style, but it didnt work out. I set both flanks with offensive mentality and mixed passing. Maybe it was just bad luck but i just cant see that V formation having any potential.

    Right now he stays with his setup. Im thinking of what to use against him. As i need to attack both flanks,Butterfly should do the trick. Ill try with normal, counter attack, mixed passing and both flanks. What is ur oppinion ppl ? Im trying my best to learn tactics still its way better to just talk about some stuff. Im thinking if i should switch to long passing but with butterfly idk it will be that strong against him.

    Tell me what u think guys ?
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