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Thread: [Important] Tactic against 3W-5-2V(heart)

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    [Important] Tactic against 3W-5-2V(heart)

    So my gf has a final match today(CL) and the guy she'll be playing with has a 3W-5-2V(heart) formation. He is around 3-4points better than her. What tactic should we use to beat him? Match is in 3 hours.

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    And something else? Cause DML is injured...

    We won
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    3-5-2 has a few weaknesses, mainly; it's lack of punch and weak wing defence. 5 midfielders mean a solid ball control, don't expect to dominate the match, but since there aren't any attacking midfielders, you can just as easily block their advance.

    While there are many ways to defeat 3-5-2, I'll explain 2 formations that will allow you to better understand the mechanics of how this can be done.

    4-5-1 V-style (motivated)
    An awesomely versatile formation that combined with a few arrows can be either attacking or defensive. In this case, you want to force an attack through the wings, so...

    -------------DMC (UP)---------
    DL (UP)----DC--DC----DR (UP

    Motivated DL and DR's block movement from the opponents ML and MR's while also feeding passes to your AML and AMR. The 2 MC and motivated DMC block any centre movement.
    On the attack your formation will effectively be:


    That gives you 5 midfielders to block the opponent's 5, and you have 2 attacking midfielders which have open access since he doesn't have wing backs or fullbacks. On the defense, your formation will return to the basic 4-5-1 and still give you a solid coverage.

    Mentality: Usually normal, but I recommend going defensive with hard tackling if the opponent's team is better, and attacking if the opposite.
    Force counter: Yes
    Passing: mixed, through both flanks
    Pressing: own half
    Zonal marking


    The main strong point of 3-5-2 is, obviously, a very hard to beat midfield. Fight fire with fire and use 6 midfielders against it. All while exploiting the lack of a DMC to counter an AMC.

    This midfield heavy weight needs short passing in order to work so force counter doesn't work very well with it. Instead, with fast DC's, it can be used playing offside trap if you press the whole pitch. With normal or slow defenders, it's better to neither play offside trap or force counter and just press your own half.

    Mentality: Normal
    Passing: Mixed short passes
    Pressing: Either whole half with offside trap or own half without it.
    Marking: Zonal
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