Hi ppl. Lately i was thinking about fighting those 3 formations. First two use 3 strikers and i always struggle if i should use 3 defenders or 4.

For 3N-4-3 i tried Butterfly, 3-5-2 V style, 4-5-1 V style. Everything with flank passing. But it doesnt work that good. Someone wrote that 4-4-2 is a good counter, but im yet to test it. I have that one rival who uses 3N-4-3 most of the time and i wanned to find a best solution to fight him.

For 4-3N-3 it would be best to again attack using flanks so 4-5-1 V style or butterfly could do the trick but i never actually met this formation life so im just wondering.

4-3W-1-2 is offensive aswell and kinda focused on wing passing, so either i attack hard using middle with narrow diamond or fight him with a 4-1-4-1 mixed.

What are ur opinion about how i think ppl ?