Hello, i want to ask some1 who is good in top11 , so i have a nice [3DC-2DML(up),DMR(up)-3MC-2ST] team with 20.0 quality , but my core 11 players are 23-24 avg.(4-5-6 stars) , i played with them in a group phase match for Champ.League vs. a 14.0 quality team ,whole team (2-3) stars players. First half i lost 2-0 , second half i stopped watching at the match and it finished 3-2 (lose for me, with a injured player in other team when the result is 2-2) his system is [4DL,DC,DC,DR-1DMC-3AML,MC,AMR-2ST](2 or 3 positions in the enemy team not correct (MC playing as DMC etc.)) Why should i lose ?

p.s. My whole team 90+ morality and condition before match !