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Thread: How to beat a 7 / 8 star team ? Please help

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    How to beat a 7 / 8 star team ? Please help


    In my league there is an oponent who has a high quality team with only 7 or 8 star players.

    He beats every 4 and 5 stars players in the league with 4 or 5 goals difference, and within a few days he has to face me.

    This is a picture of his team and how he plays.

    How to beat a 7 / 8 star team ? Please help-screenshot_2014-03-16-20-13-36.jpg

    My team consist of 5 star players and I play the 4-4-2 combination.

    However, I am afraid that I also will get a "beating" from him with this formation. So, how would your advice be ? How can I beat such a high quality player ?

    Thanks a lot !!


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    If you've got the players I'd change to 3-2W-3N-2

    3 centre backs to mark his 1 (very good) striker, DMR and DML to mark AMR & AML, and 3 MCs to cover his 2. Be ready in the match to add blue down arrows to your DML/DMR if it looks like his wingers are pushing forward in the commentary (i.e have red arrows). That will help keep his score down.
    For your attack, Long passing down the middle, & force counter attacks. You might just get lucky & score 1 or 2, and he'll struggle to score more than 1 or 2.