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Thread: Semi final vs 4-2N-1-3

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    Semi final vs 4-2N-1-3

    I have a 2nd leg coming up having lost the 1st leg away 4-2 (was 3-2 but he nicked a fourth near the end). We edged possession but they still had twice as many shots, in terms of team strength we are actually stronger. I played my usual 4-5-1 V style which is recommended as a counter, however it seems I'm going to need to do something different for the home leg. His team are all 5* and his shape is:


    Given I need to be offensive to make up the deficit, I was thinking 5-3N-2 might be a good counter, as that way you should nullify the offensive capability of the three up front plus dominate MF, only downside would be a lack of width. To get around that I'd have red arrows on the full backs, play all out attack and press high up the pitch. Any thoughts/other suggestions? Note I can't play any formations using wingbacks.
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    Try this formation :

    --- ST
    - AMC AMC
    ML - MC - MR
    --- DMC
    - DC DC DC

    If you find goals hard to come by substitute an AMC for an ST late in the second half. But usually his lack of DMC's is exploited by your 2 AMC's.

    Attack through the middle, use short passing, use man on man marking if your defenders are better than your opponents attackers.

    no counter attack, no offside trap.

    use attacking mentality and press the whole pitch (you need to take risk because you need goals)

    PS: this worked for me...doesn't mean it's gonna work for you

    best of luck.
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