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Thread: Need some help

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    Need some help

    I'm not having any success with any formation I use, I started my league with a 442 but had little success with that. I've recently switched to a 3(N)-1-4-2 but still struggling, any advice on what order to give my players or different formations that you've had success with????

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    Checked your SS and found out you have a great team, 3-1-4-2 is super, you dont have to change except some tactic edition.
    - Switch number 21 with number 17 (because number 21 is DC/DR and he can cover your right flank as well as centre), blue arrow on middle dc (number 17 after switching).
    - DMC with no Arrow,
    - number 16 with red arrow is fine cos he is ml,aml and has no problem playing up field,
    - remove arrow from number 5 cos he has only 1 position capability.
    - 2 red arrows on 2 STs are ideally, cos with dmc, you have chances to launch counter attack from your own half, with red arrows, your sts will stay behind the line, near the post.
    - Team setting should be:
    Normal, mixed focus, mixed passing, own half,
    Defend, mixed focus, long ball passing, own half, force counter attack
    Attack, mixed focus, mixed passing, own half
    You can choose what you want based on each specific rivals.

    Addition: with AMC in sub, you can change your tactic to 3-4-1-2 or 3-1-4-1-1 as well. Stay with this, dont change much and it pays you well after some "get to familiar" time
    Good luck
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