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Thread: Not sure how to overcome this deficit...

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    Not sure how to overcome this deficit...

    I lost 3-1 at home against a team who is slightly weaker than me in the QF of the cup. What pissed me off was that I was in the game, average Q slightly higher, and 10 corners (with a corner specialist I may add!) his attack was weak yet he managed to score 3 goals in 4 minutes against a defence that has only leaked 9 goals in 14 games...

    Anyway, I have to try and turn it around for the next leg. I use a classic 4-4-2. He looks like to have used an illegal formation 3-6-1. 3 centre backs, 1 defensive mid in the middle, 1 attacking mid in the middle with the lone striker.

    Any ideas how to turn it around? I'm thinking 4-3-3 but not sure how to use it and my wing mids are strong..

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    I don't think his formation is illegal. And I think he just dominated the midfield. I would say use 4-5-1 v style, down both flanks, attacking mentality

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    Unless you had 80% to 20 possesion it was not an ilegal formation!, as for him scoring 3 goals in 4 mins, was he watching the game?, did he change his formation during the game?, he has probably played HARD TACKLING AND HARD ATTACKING because he was weaker!, I would counter his formation with 3-4-3 and play red arrows on all midfield and strikers, play HARD TACKLING, MIXED FOCUS PASSING, ATTACKING, CLOSE DOWN OWN HALF, MIXED PASSING STYLE, ZONAL MARKING, PLAY OFFSIDES.
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