I'm level 15 and have had many successes until a few seasons ago but now it is as if the team had not won a curse ... nothing .. I've been two or three seasons without champion and before, we were a roller.

I have very good team but I can not find the right tactic. Do you think that with so much change in tactics team goes crazy?
So far I've played with a 4-4-2 diamond leveraging my best player, an AMC skillfully false front . Last season the team got a lot of goals but also fit many. I had a good defense but keeper was from my school and the opposing team with very few occasions was always the goal.
This season I signed soon because I always do not find the suitable players until week 10 or so and losing important ground points in the early rounds .
I have signed two good players AML and AMR, to accompany my AMC scorer . I do not want the alignment will decompensate in midfield.
So my idea is to play with a 4-2-3-1 with 2 MC, I have very good MC with skill game creation . If I set this alignment as I have to make the team , what mindset should I use?
I need your opinion of expert.-4-2-3-1.jpg

Another tactic that I like because it is so offensive is 4-1-1-3-1 . I have a friend who plays with it for several seasons and has been champion and usually make enough goals and fits very few goals . The problem with this tactic is that I can not find the right instructions for tactical ( mentality , arrows , pressure , passes, etc. . ) For not conceding goals ... I swear that he did not put him almost goals ...
I need your opinion of expert.-4-1-1-3-1.jpg

I show my squad and you give me your opinion on how to play.
A greeting and thanks for your time .