Right, I don't know what is going on with the game, but my team is above average, and I have won the league for the past 4 seasons, and the cup last season!
For some reason, everything I seem to do this season I am losing to underdogs, I watch my games for extra possession, which doesn't seem to do nothing!
The opponents are averaging 3/4star teams, they don't watch there games, yet I still managing to lose my games!
I lost a massive 0-6 at home the other day, and it really is grinding my gears!

I'm not good with the formation talk 3N-4-3, If you can post me some pictures of formations, and set-ups that you find helpful, I would be greatful!
I have dropped behind 1st place by 8POINTS! An the person first has in his trophy case 7th finishes for the past 6 seasons, he doesn't watch his games, making me believe that he no longer plays and for him to be succeeding like he is, really is pushing me away from the game, that I have played now for around 10months!