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Thread: 5-0 down after 1st leg against 4-4-2

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    5-0 down after 1st leg against 4-4-2

    Hi mates . I lost 5-0 on the first leg in cup quarter finals ,in away match to a team of equal quality . I got a red card on 8 minute and opponent was awarded a penalty , so I think it was the main reason why I lost with such score , though i had better possession.
    I think there is very little chance to overcome such handicap in the 2 nd leg at home , but I try to figure put smth , I saw a team who lost 3-0 away and won 7-0 at home so I think it's not that unreal in football..

    I want to use3-5-2 tactics in 2 nd match with the following order
    St St
    MC MC MC

    CB CB. CB

    WIth 2 blue arrows on my2 side defendes,1 red arrow on central MC , ...And I also set hard tackling ..high possession is expected , I invited also couple of friends to support me

    Want to hear any advices...

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    what formation is your opponent using