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Thread: With all the respect to the "Algo"

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    Exclamation With all the respect to the "Algo"

    Beside speaking to an "Algo", or to the creators of such, I wander..

    I wander how's possible I loose against this type of opponent? How's possible any average team looses against this?


    I mean any team in the world having 3ST + 1AMC and ONLY 2 MC would loose 5-0 period. Who does the running? Who does the defending?
    I played 3-5-2. Midfielders were on 2 rows, 3 at DC level and 2 at MC. 2 of my DC are 5 stars, another 4 stars. 2 of my MC are 5 stars, 1 ST 5 stars all the other 4 stars.

    We're both at level 3, the average team points are 27.2 - 22.0 for myself.
    My 11 were my best.
    I played away

    Now please come the one that coded the "Algo", because are we looking to make this as real as possible or surreal?
    Because next time I play Lino Banfi Bi-Zona 5-5-5 and goodbye everyone..
    I lost 2-0 and they scored on faraway shots. If I have 5 midfielders where is the space to even coordinate?
    Re-code the baby please.

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    Well you could look at his formation like a 4-3-3, a real life formation. If you are trying to compare this game to real life you should just stop now, because this game is anything but

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