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Thread: How to play 451V Formation

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    How to play 451V Formation


    I'm using right now the 451V formation, also knows as 4-3-3, and i need advices for how to setup it.

    Im currently managing in level 21, only one player in my league does not come to see his games and hire players, its extremely difficult to play here.

    My team is 122.0, +/- the average value of all teams. There is at least 5 teams with average quality above 124.

    Im using red arrows on DL, DR, AML and AMR, and a blue arrow on DMC.

    My orders:
    Team mentality: Attacking
    Focus passing: Down both flanks
    Pressing style: Whole Pitch
    Tackling style: Normal
    Passing style: short
    Marking style: Normal.
    Offside trap yes, no counter-attacking.

    Im struggling in 11th place, this will be (probably) the first time that i will not get promoted.

    Can you give me any advice? Or do you think that i need to change my formation?

    Micael Vinhas

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    You could change it for a few games and see how things work but if you really wanna stick with it I'd suggest pressing own half, no offside trap (unless your defenders are way better than strikers in your league), counter-attacking on and if you want to keep passing down both flanks it should be either long or mixed. Oh, and maybe add red arrow on your ST

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    I already changed to this formation from 4132. The results improved but just a little. I was 13th when i changed, this never happened to me, althought in the last 3 leagues i come in 5th, 7th and 6th respectively. This is just getting too hard eheh!

    Here is my teamHow to play 451V Formation-my_team.jpg