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Thread: 4-1-2-1-2 narrow diamond (orders)

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    Question 4-1-2-1-2 narrow diamond (orders)

    Hey guys, i used to play 4 seasons with butter fly tactic, but in season 5 i wanted to try new one, so i decide to choose narrow diamond.

    Atm i won 4 games and 1 game ended with draw (my opponent used same tactic narrow diamond)

    Now i use - Attacking/Through the middle/own half/normal/short/zonal/no counterattacks/no offside trap. I dont use arrows too (because i dont know how to properly). My avarage team quality is 42.2.

    I'd like to know which are the best orders for it and arrows? and why my DMC is always full of his condition (more then other, maybe i should arrow him or smth?

    Thank you
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    can try below formation:
    * 4-1(MC)-3(AMR,AMC,AML)-2
    Order: hard Att, Mixed/Through middle,whole pitch,hard,long, man-to-man, ON offside, On counter-att

    Let me know if the tips workable or not.

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    those orders are fine, and arrows is more of a personal thing to adjust tactics here and there, experiment in a few friendly games to get the hang of it
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