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Thread: How do I defeat this super-buffed squad?

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    How do I defeat this super-buffed squad?

    Hi everyone, I am seeking help and advice on better managing my team's tactics and formations. After a series of losses in the leagues and cups, I finally have made some changes and improved my squad a bit and am currently working with 4-4-2.

    This is me:

    How do I defeat this super-buffed squad?-me_4-4-2.jpg

    This is my next honorable (and super wealthy) opponent:

    How do I defeat this super-buffed squad?-rival_spikefc.jpg

    My team's mentality is to Attack (not hard) and focus passing "Down both Flanks" with "Mixed Passing", pressing "Whole Pitch", forcing NO Counter Attacks but playing for Offside Traps.

    A. Do I stand a chance given my current setup?
    B. If not, what can I do to increase my chances of winning?

    Looking for pointers and tips guys. Thanks!
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    You definitely should change to through the middle because he has only 1 4* MC on the bench so he'll either use him or no MC at all...
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    I would dont use the offside trap if the opponent has am's. In this case amc.
    The amc can be very dangerous for you. So i would ever play with dmc against a amc.

    The 4-4-2 C is not really an attackformation. I dont know the word at the moment but it is a save formation. Mostly played from managers that have not much time for their team. Its save with 4 man defence and mids. But there arent any attackingmids am's so the best way to play this formation is normal mode.

    And if you go for whole pitch i would go for hard tackling because you dont want the opp in your half.

    Just a few thoughts.
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    So should I change to a more attacking formation instead that also focuses through the middle? Say, 4-1-2-1-2 or 4-1-3-1-2 or something of the sort and focus tactics through the mid instead of wings? Are there any known formation tactics that might work against this opponent?

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    4-4-2 narrow diamond will work, because it allows your AMC to do what he wants. Hopefully he wants to help you win So i would suggest using narrow diamond

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    Thanks everyone, Mission Accomplished.
    Formation used: 4-1-2-1-2, focussed tactics through the middle with Hard Attacking and no Counter attacks or Offside traps played.

    Here's the result against this opponent: (i was watching the game, he wasn't, so I guess that helped too)

    How do I defeat this super-buffed squad?-spikefc_win.jpg