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Thread: How to beat 4-2-2-2 asymmetric?

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    How to beat 4-2-2-2 asymmetric?

    Hello, his formation is:

    How to beat 4-2-2-2 asymmetric?-uploadfromtaptalk1407218928493.jpg

    A bit weaker (22.8 vs 23.8). Could you give any advice?

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    Play him like a Hexagon!

    Is his AMC also a AMR, if so then this might be just for show, not his real formation, expect 4-2-2W-2 Hex, if not, still play him like a symmetric Hex! Additional info on his lineup might help, maybe he is putting up his best players, simple as that.

    I have yet to hear a reasonable manager, give a reasonable defensive of weird formations being anything other then Voodoo Management!

    The almighty formations and counters table say to counter the HEX!

    3N-4-1-2, 4-5-1 V-Style, 3-4-3

    The counters table is not gospel, so take its advice with a grain of salt, it could be wrong.

    I would go with the V if you have the right players that is.

    PS. I'd pull these outta my personal counters table, my info may differ from the Ver. 2 that is out there!
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