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Thread: My luck!!!

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    My luck!!!

    Good day fellow members...

    This year, once again Ive been drawn in the CL with the strongest team Ive yet come across! Last season his team ofcourse managed to win all 3 cups!! Im playing this guy in 5mins.... Ofcourse its my luck. Thought this season I could stand a chance in the CL but once again NORDEUS bursts my bubble!!

    All I can do from now is give it my all!! What do I do when coming across these token buyers, PLEASE ADVISE!! lol

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    try to injure as many of his players as possible, and try to flop around and have his players get a bunch of red cards. besides buying tokens yourself you just need to put your best team out there, and trust they will do alright. Going with a weird formation and rare orders might also help

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