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Thread: Three Striker Formation?

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    Three Striker Formation?

    I am leading my division after 4 games though, which is a nice surprise. By starting the best players I started with, I field three strikers and no attacking midfielders. I have a lineup of 3W-1-3-3. My strikers are not eligible to play any other positions, and the only attacking midfielders on my roster are definitely of lesser quality so I'd rather keep them on the bench.

    However, while my squad has had good early success, will this three striker approach ultimately fail? I have team mentality set to defensive, zone marking, hard tackling and own zone press, playing offside trap. Is that a good mix under the circumstances?

    Thanks in advance for any advice.
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    You use 3ST formation so i would suggest blue arrows on defenders. 2ST and MC too (left and right one),
    This formation is offensive by default and that's why i suggest blue arrows. Besides that, most of managers use attacking setups with red arrows so use blue as counter.
    Offside trap is risky and I think that it should be used when you are attacking, opponent defending and trying to play counter attacks against your team, so better get some info about this tactic
    You should focus passing through middle. Use normal mentality against weak opponents and defensive against good opponents.
    I personaly like to combine opposite tactics and formations (defensive tactic with offensive formations and offensive tactic with defensive formations).
    All in all i'm skeptic about this formation because it is weak against 451V (one of most often used formations...)
    Besides that, be cautious against 2ST formations, they usually make a lot of problems for 3W defence.

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    u can't treat all illnesses with same medication .. same in formation
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