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Thread: Post result or don't get help

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    I don't suggest anyone to avoid replying on threads. I want to say that they should search and read existing threads where are possible answers and if they don't find answer or if they don't understand something, then ask.
    I would like to ask this then: what is purpose of tutorials, guides and all existing material on forum if they don't read it and again someone has to write and explain that....? I've read a lot of guides and they were helpful, pity is that some are deleted due various reasons.

    Thread is made because even when they ask, they don't know how to ask propertly?
    If someone needs help for strategy, tactic or counter formation, then screenshot of his (and opponents) team makes great difference.
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    Yeah, a guide to posting help for counter formation threads should be made and turned into a sticky thread. Something like READ THIS BEFORE POSTING!!!

    Like put in a few keys as to what put in the title (name of the formation or "How to beat <insert formation>" with a little caption that has N= Narrow, W= Wide, with a picture to describe it.

    And then how to present your post: Describe your situation, screenshot of opponent's formation, your Q, maybe a screenshot of your own squad.

    Then it would make things easier

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