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Thread: How to counter a 2-2-4-2?

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    How to counter a 2-2-4-2?

    Hi everybody,

    I am to face another strange tactic:


    How to counter a 2-2-4-2?-formazione-topeleven-3.jpg

    I planned to field as follows:

    DC-DC-DC (zonal; all my defender 5 star players)
    DMC (4-star player)
    ML-MC-MC-MR (all 5-star players and one MC is a playmaker)
    ST-ST (6 and 5-star players)

    Offensive mentality
    Mixed type of playing
    My own half pressing
    Hard tackles
    Long passes

    How to counter a 2-2-4-2?-formazione-topeleven-4.jpg

    Any other suggestions?

    I was thinking to play with one striker only and adapt an MC as AMC as an alternative

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    Hi,as defensive mode,I think that a 4-1-3N-1-1 should be enough.

    If you want to completely take advantage by his holes in central defense,you may try a 4-3N-1-2,in order to have 4 elements (your central MC,amc and 2 st) completely free to attack

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    I will try first to play as in my original team with my second striker with red arrows and the first striker in central position. During the match, if I need to make changes, I will substitute my second ST with a DL and I'll move one MC to AMC position.

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    Very tough match.

    How to counter a 2-2-4-2?-formazione-topeleven-5.jpg

    I started with my original team, with second striker red arrow to connect with midfield and disturb their DMCs. No supremacy for neither teams. They started quite good and I went down 1-0. Equalizer by my ML (second time this season as a decisive scorer). Half time they were up 2-1. I started second half by removing my DMC for another MC, switching to 3N-5-2. Things remain the same: sometimes they were storming my area, but got better scorer and went up 3-2. Until then my best scorer Millieras wasted 2 chances and my second striker missed 1 great chance. Then I moved to a conservative team switching to 4-5-1, where they were a little bit more dangerous than me.

    Here are the final formations and stats.

    How to counter a 2-2-4-2?-formazione-topeleven-2.jpg

    I believe he had a bonus for the home game and the fact he was following the match (+5%). For the return match I hope I can get a bonus for my side. Still I am not sure what formation I can use; I will try your suggested 4-1-3N-1-1 and in case I will switch to 4-3N-1-2. Which order should I use? I was thinking:

    Mentality: normal
    Focus: centre pass
    Pressing: whole pitch
    tackles: hard
    Passes: short passing
    Defence: zonal