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Thread: I just lost 6-2 in cup vs a fairly equal team...

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    I just lost 6-2 in cup vs a fairly equal team...

    Hi I just had a match against 4-3w-2n-1, I started 4-4-2 but after he has 2-0 in just 2 minuts I switched too 3n-1-4-2. Than I got a random red card and lost a defender. Apart from being unlucky what formation should I have used?
    I had such a good shot at winning the Tremble this year Whole team maxed out.. and boom! Out of the cup pretty much. First loss in 40 matches too
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    So far

    Season 1: 1st
    Season 2: 1st + CL 1st
    Season 3: 1st + CL 1st
    Season 4: 3rd + Cup 2nd
    Season 5: Holiday all season. 4rth
    Season 6: Tried to get 8th but failed.. 6th
    Season 7: 4th
    Season 8: 1st + CL 3rd + Cup 3rd
    Season 9: 2nd
    Season 10: 1st + Cup 1st
    Season 11: 1st
    Season 12: Current season. Competition with 10 token buyers, CL with a couple tough guys and already out of cup. Might try to get 8th this season. (Won first few League matches. Currectly still 1st)

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    so sorry to's troll..just like my case..Im out of cup as well..leading 3-0 and suddenly BOOM..offline..result reversed to 0-1..lost...