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Thread: Please explain this

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    Please explain this

    Hi can you guys explain to me what these arrows basically mean and secondly when to use them,,,
    I know these mean basically to push forward or fall back.. but when ? everytime , when opponent have ball ? when e have ball?and is there any reall difference that these make.
    ty in adv

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    My understanding is red arrow allows the player to push forward, support attack.

    For example, Take Dani Alves, always attacking and getting forward, supplying crosses at the byline or cutting inside but without possession he'll revert back to "DR". - Red Arrow

    Ivanovic, rarely ever goes to byline and never overlaps winger. Often stays back and keeps possession. - no arrow

    It is my belief that too many arrows can distort the teams shape. If you are playing 3 centre mids and have a red arrow on the middle one he'll move into an attackive mid position and join attack, blue arrow will make him stay back and defend like a defensive mid.