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Thread: help me plz about 4-5-1 v

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    help me plz about 4-5-1 v

    Hi all ,
    im new in this fourm and i want to know if i can put read arrows on player when my team is in defense and i use 4-5-1 v this
    Dl (up)
    dc dc
    Dr (up)
    Dmc (up)
    Mc mc
    aml amr

    And i play defense or normal and mixed passing and own half , counter attack yes
    I use this arrows and defense mode to counter this tactic
    4dc - 3mc - 2aml amr - st

    Im not sure if i correct but can any one answer me plz ???

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    Put red arrows on your DL,DR,AMR,AML. Put blue arrow with your DMC. The rest of your players have no arrow. If your opponent has a attacking team, you play defensive mentality. And if your opponent has only 2 wingers such as the 2 fullbacks (DR and DL), set the Focus Passing on both flanks,pressing style-Own Half,Tackling-Normal or Hard Tackling(optional),Passing style-Long,Marking Style-Zonal, click check the Force counterattacks, and finally NO-play offside trap.