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Thread: How to beat 4-5-1

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    How to beat 4-5-1


    I'm playing an important match today. My opponent plays 4-5-1 flat. My teams rating is 121.8 and his is 116.5, but my results have been poor. I'm currently playing 4-1-4-1 with blue arrows on my DMC.

    Any thoughts?

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    Trust in your team

    First ... Don't change your Formation A lot

    Play with Long Passes
    and in Half time Put A ST insread Of The Dmc

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    3-5-2 flat ( if you wanna go defensive ) or 3-5-2 V style ( offensive ). If I were you I will used 3-5-2 flat defensive even if you have a bit stronger players.


    Team mentality: Defensive
    Focus Passing: Mixed
    Pressing style: Own half
    Tackling style: Normal
    Passing style: Long
    Marking style: Zonal

    Force counterattacks: Yes
    Play offside traps: No

    Arrows: Red arrows= AML/ML and AMR/MR , Blue Arrows= No blue arrows. No need to put any blue arrows on your 3 DC's, beacuse they will stay behind no matter what and no red arrows on your 2 Strikers because that is their natural role and will keep attacking. You may put Blue or Red arrows on your MC or MC's but I don't suggest that because leaving them on neutral mode, your MC or MC's will not attack too high on the field leaving your midfield expose, and you can put blue arrow on your center MC so that he drop down a bit on your midfield to help your 3 DC's on defending. And being on defensive mentality with counter attacking with long balls will caought your opponent offguard in some points. I hope this will work for you, if does work for me so far. I am using different formations but my team mentality is always defensive and I am 22-0-0 so far....22 wins 0 draws 0 losses so far.