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Thread: i lose all my games, any advice?

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    i lose all my games, any advice?

    im currently in league 23 with a very good team compared to my league mates

    in my mainteam are 8 scouts and 3 5stars, just below scoutlvl
    all players have fitness over 90% and moral at least at green lvl before the game starts
    watching about 90% of my games, stadium is full every game

    most of the time i play 442 normal-both flanks-mixed-red on ml/mr ,451v def-both-flanks-long blue on dmc red on amr/aml or 43N12 off-middle-short red on all offplayers
    i just play normal tackling
    all players are playing on their positions

    im on the last rank in my league
    my current experiences are
    winning a leaguegame 0%
    have an injury in a game 50%
    getting yellow card in a game 80%

    my leagueopponents are rarely watching their games
    most of the leaguemates never changing tactics over the season

    the only answers i have is that i have very bad luck with the random result generator in high leagues or there is a hidden pay2win script in this game because i never paid a single cent

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    Check your bonus scheme..set it at max level..the winning way will come back since u have a decent team..good luck,bro!

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    i allready tried it with win bonus on diffenrent levels and its still on