The last season I ended:

4th League
2nd Champions
3rd Cup

Now in Champions I have 4 victories.
In cup I qualified for round 16th beaten teams with higher stars and levels.
BUT!!! In league I keep losing even against the ones that the owners left the game months ago and have only 20 stars! (I've 29) WTF?!!

I tried using counter formations, then the same formation I've been using since season 1 (4-1-2-1-2 ND) but the results are the same!!

I don't know what to do in league. 6 loses and just 2 wons.

I'm starting to think that the "logic" in Top Eleven 2015 is "#$%@

Does anybody is facing a similar situation? What do you recomend, to use the same formation all the time or counters?