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Thread: Enable counter Attacking and DEF

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    Enable counter Attacking and DEF

    Hi All

    Need something for the Champs League as a Goal down on Away, next match is on Home Soil.

    Would something like this work for Goals with Counter Attacking on and Play the Team as Defensive?

    Enable counter Attacking and DEF-def-counter.jpg

    Up against this Team

    Enable counter Attacking and DEF-thesams.png
    Enable counter Attacking and DEF-thesams2.jpg

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    There is no need for 5 defenders against 1 striker. You'll most likely need more players defending the midfield as well. Against 1 strikers formations with wingers, 3w defenders is all that's necessary. Then a combination of 3 DMC/MC (make sure MC's have blue arrows) should be useful.

    The formation of choice for me against the 4-3n-2w-1 is either 3w-1-4-2 or 3w-5-2 flat.

    For mentality, i'd go either normal or attacking.

    Normal: down the flanks, own half, hard, mixed, zonal,

    Attacking: down the flanks, whole pitch, hard, short, zonal, no counter, offsides