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Thread: How to counter 3N-1DMC-5-1ST

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    How to counter 3N-1DMC-5-1ST

    Hello, can someone give your opinion on how to counter the formation of 3DC (3N) - 1 DMC - 5 (ML MC MC MC MR) - 1 ST.

    I'm thinking on using 3 -5- 2 V style, with my DMC Up, to actually convert it into a MC, while keeping guarded the low mid field, and using 2 Strikers as one against three DC's would not stand a chance.

    Another option could be Narrow Diamond, which I don't like too much due to weakness on the flanks, but I need to give my attack strength with 2 strikers, unless I go with 4-4-2..

    My team is slightly better, but I don't want to give him any chance..

    Please give me your opinion, the game is in three hours.


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