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Thread: need help 4-5-1 v style pleees

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    Apr 2015

    need help 4-5-1 v style pleees

    please i won best tactic and orders an arrows for my team 4-5-1 and my pleyrs very good
    1plear 7stars
    7pleyar 6stars
    3pleyar 5stars
    good dc"s and very god wingrs

    please help me to find good orders i play oopisite someone not good and i draw with him

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    Jan 2015
    I've played 4-5-1v alot with great success, and this is what i use:
    Forward arrows on dl/dr and aml/amr. Attacking, both flanks, mixed passing, counter on (not sure if this has helped significantly, but i have scored on counter) whole pitch, normal tackling, zonal, no offside.
    it worked well last season as i was undefeated in the league