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Thread: Champions League Help

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    Quote Originally Posted by talisman View Post
    Looks like you have the squad for it (no yellow triangles) - I tried with the Butterfly when I had the players (DML/R and AML/R) and didn't get on spectacularly well - but then was the situation I had, not yours at the moment. The only thing you can do is try it - plan out and have the relevant substitutions/player movements to hand just in case you need to switch to another formation if it all starts going pear-shaped in-game. A useful formation against 4-4-2 is 3N-4-1-2, which is just a couple of player switches and a sub away, if you have the appropriate multi-positional players.
    3N-4-1-2 did the trick. I just played him in a friendly and won 4-0. Great advice! Let's see if he actually changes his formation for the CL match we have coming up.
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    My favorite formation (at least starting with) is 4-5-1 V but it failed many times vs the 4-4-2 classic.
    my thought is that 4-5-1V or 4-4-2 ND looks like they can be good counters vs 4-4-2 but in every game there is a logic of the rock- paper- scissors.
    You don't know if in this present match, you 'll be the rock and 4-4-2 will be the paper or the scissors.

    Today I had the 2nd leg in my semi CH.L. vs a team using 4-4-2.
    After a fail (0-2 at home) in the 1st leg (using 4-5-1V) and having about 1/2 * better quality, today I used also 4-4-2.
    Well, it worked and I passed.
    I was lucky as oppo manager wasn't attending.
    Anyway, the most important thing I believe vs 4-4-2 is the good coaching ("read" the game and make the right moves).
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