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Thread: Need help with my limited squad to beat a 4-3N-1-2 team. Beat him & I win the league

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    Quote Originally Posted by nikolgiorgos View Post
    yes, this can work too, but I prefer to fill the area where oppo has the power.
    You can start it and if see it's not working, set 3DC + 2DMC.

    wait to win first

    Omg mod , with defensive formation and tactic set to defensive + counter attack ..
    I manage to beat this guy 8-0

    The goals mostly comes from the flank with those long passes ..
    Even without set to attack on both flank , my team with your formation , exploit his weakness on the empty flank he had
    Thanks a lot , guess I still have lots to learn on top11

    Easily has been the biggest lost for him and broken his long winning streak

    Now I have a extra 4* amr that can be sold for 1.38mil , I'm wondering how to make him 5* and sells it for a nice price to fund for my mc

    Last match opponent , low table team :

    A draw I also will win the league , so can I maintain this formation ? He using 4-5-1 flat , first time face this formation

    Thanks again for the awesome tips for me to win the critical match big bro
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