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Thread: How to counter 4-1-2w-1-2

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    How to counter 4-1-2w-1-2

    How to counter tactic: dl-dc-dc-dr - dmc - ml-mr - amc - st-st
    Im 1 lvl player and dont know mechanics, need to win this match
    i have 17,1 stars and opponent 15 stars?

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    oppo can be dangerous from all sides
    ml-mr - amc - st-st
    so better use the same defense
    dl-dc-dc-dr - dmc
    If you fill confidence for your defenders, then set only the four D.
    As about attack, his defense in the center is strong, so better play with AMR-AML if you have
    General :
    In defense you must check to cover opponent positions and for attack try to find the weakest side
    and/or to use your best players.
    Example for the above formation : if you have good AMC +2ST, play 4-1-2-1-2 from the center.
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