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Thread: How to counter 3 (DL,DC,DR) 1 (DMC) 3 (MC MC MC) 1(AMC) 2 (ST)

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    How to counter 3 (DL,DC,DR) 1 (DMC) 3 (MC MC MC) 1(AMC) 2 (ST)

    Hello guys! I need some advice (tactic, formation,arrows) from players who played against a team like this,or have enough experience in this game to give their opinion.

    How to counter 3 (DL,DC,DR) 1 (DMC) 3 (MC MC MC) 1(AMC) 2 (ST)-31312.jpg
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    you should have 5 Players in middlefield, too and try to attack the wings!

    4-5-1 v or 4-2-3w-1 should do it. of course you can try 3-5-2 v. that s up to ur philosophy!

    this time i Play 4-5-1 v in each match. i begin with normal, flanks, strong pressing, short, hard/ normal, zonal. red on dl and dr and sometimes with offside trap. in some cases i Change my arrows to aml and amr (sometimes +st).

    last 3 seasons i Play 4-2-3w-1: normal, mixed/ flanks, strong pressing, hard/ normal, short, zonal. red on aml and amr. sometimes i Change the arrows to dl and dr (sometimes with offside trap), only on st or complete without any arrows.

    the 2. Option for 4-5-1 v is normal, flanks, low pressing, mixed / Long, hard/ normal, zonal. sometimes + Counter attack. red on dl and dr or red on aml and amr (sometimes + st).

    4-2-3w-1 has more Options, too. but i only use These orders, because i ve won 3 x treble with it

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