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Thread: Cup opponent play 4-2N-3W-1 Tactic! How beat it?

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    Cup opponent play 4-2N-3W-1 Tactic! How beat it?

    my cup opponent is playing 4(DL, 2x DC, DR)-2N(MC)-3W(AML, AMC, AMR)-1(ST) tactic.
    The first game at home i´m losing with 1:2.
    The Statistic is balanced.
    At the start of the game i playing 4-2N-3W-1 too. At the finish i changed the Team to 4-4-2 / 4-2-2-2 Hexagon.
    What is the right tactic?

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    i m the master of playing 4-2-3w-1 i ve won 3x treble in the last 6 seasons. it is one of the strongest formations, i think.

    i like to Play with 4-2-3w-1 against 4-4-2. it s so easy to beat

    i think you should better try to Play Hexagon with Long balls but without Counter attacks. you can try red arrows on aml and amr.

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