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Thread: 3N-2(DML/DMR)-2-1-2 orders ??

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    3-4-1-2 orders ??

    Hi all

    I am a level 7 manager, been playing 4-1-3w-1-1 for a long time with succes.

    however want to try out something new.

    so i want to try out 3n-4-1-2 but lack the orders and arrows

    orders are in danish but they are as followed. Offensive - mixed - Low - hard - mixed - zone. offside and counter on.

    all inputs are welcome, ass long as they are serious

    thanks you for your help..

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    This post is written for 1st (unedited) version of your post, but formation suggestion still stands
    I think this formation would suit better for your team:

    -tactics should be adjusted according to opponents formation; you can't use one same tactics with equall effect against any formation
    -mentality: normal against similar quallity teams and a bit stronger ones, defensive against much stronger teams, attacking against much weaker teams
    -passing+arrows: since this formation has only 2 wingers (2W) but strong central mildfield (CM), I would suggest:
    -> mixed against balanced formations with 4W and 3 players in CM
    -> through middle against balanced 4w formations with 1-2 players in CM + (for against weak teams) red arrows on MC's
    -> through flanks against narrow formations without wingers in mildfield + red arrows on DML/R
    -> blue arrows on DML/R when opponent is not weaker than you has 4W with AML/R
    -pressing: low
    -tackling: normal against weaker teams, hard against strong teams
    -marking: zonal
    -offside trap: useful against 3ST formations

    That's rough tactics setup, detailed adjustment varies from match to match.
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    Very nice reply.

    thank you very much.